People are at the heart of everything we do at WBP Group. Our focus is (and has always been) squarely on providing our customers with a great service and experience. To do this we invest in really good people who not only live and breathe property, but who are also just as passionate about the customer as we are.

This year we’re delighted to have Matt Carlson join us as Chief Customer Officer. Matt not only shares our passion for people, he brings a wealth of experience in harnessing the power of technology to create better customer experiences and outcomes.

  • What attracted you to WBP Group?
    I think to succeed in a role and be fulfilled your values need to align with the company’s culture and vision. Having worked with the group and several of its senior people for many years, I knew this alignment was there. WBP Group has always been known as a good business to deal with and a great one to work for. It has a great story and history that spans 30 years. Its commitment to the customer coupled with its investment in technology and digital innovation makes for a very exciting future and one that I’m delighted to have the opportunity to be part of.
  • What will your role as Chief Customer Officer involve?
    We complete 1,000’s of valuations and inspections across Australia each and every week. Our work is important – we are helping people secure a home, refinance or buy an investment property by getting the financial institutions timely, accurate and professional information to support their decisions.As Chief Customer Officer my focus is on leading and supporting our customer engagement activities and strengthening our national presence. I’m looking forward to collaborating and working with people across the business to develop and implement strategies and programs that help us engage with customers more effectively and create stronger relationships.
  • What do you think sets WBP Group apart?
    For me it is not one thing that sets WBP Group apart, but the combination of two things – people and technology. Technology is the enabler and will only ever be as good as the people who drive it. The group’s culture and team coupled with the technology we now have makes for a very exciting future.
  • How do you think 2021 will be different to 2020 in the property valuation and advisory sector?
    I’m not sure we’ll ever have a year like 2020 again – hopefully not soon anyway… In the year ahead providing our partners and customers with high quality, insightful and accurate information to base their decisions on is going to be just as important as it always has. The combination of our highly skilled people and technology capabilities makes me confident that we are in the right position to deal with whatever 2021 and the future brings.
  • What or who do you believe has had the greatest impact on your career?
    Over the course of my career I have been fortunate enough to work with some terrific leaders and have been given many opportunities to grow. I have always been driven to be better, stretch and learn new things, I am focussed on achieving win/win outcomes and investing in relationships – this has helped me get to this point and I hope will continue into the future.
  • How do you relax or switch off from work?
    Spending time with family and friends is very important for me. I enjoy cooking, especially with our woodfired oven and fishing when I get the opportunity… I’ve been lucky enough to travel for work regularly and always make sure that when I am away, I get out and explore the cities and different locations, I’m certainly looking forward to getting back to that soon.