Victorian Property Valuations

Our highly trained Valuers have received accreditation from the Australian Property Institute (API) and are focused on continuous learning with the ongoing expansion of professional knowledge.

The experienced Western Region team provide specialist, independent, data-driven valuations and property advice. We support clients in making evidence-based property decisions.

Covering the major regional centers such as, Ballarat and Bendigo as well the Wimmera and also north of the state in Mildura and the surrounding areas, we lead the way with expert valuation services across residential, commercial and specialised properties, for all purposes.

Our clients span the spectrum, from bank lenders, non-bank lenders and government departments, to small business and individuals seeking independent insights before buying and selling. After more than 30 years, WBP Group continues to demonstrate a breadth of experience, expertise and commitment to providing industry-leading client experiences.

Contact one of our experienced Western Regions Victoria local team members to find out more about our valuation services.

Dale Astbury

Director (Western Regions)

With 30 years of experience, Dale provides high quality valuation services for residential, commercial, industrial and rural properties to a variety of WBP clients in Western Regions. He is skilled at preparing family law valuations, insurance replacement values, litigation and acquisition valuations, and residential valuations for mortgage securities purposes.

A highly respected professional, his clients value his depth of knowledge, work ethic, negotiation skills, and focus on delivering a positive experience. His contributions include co-establishing WBP Group-Western Regions, staff management and development, and building strong, effective relationships with clients and peers.

Brendan Mckinnon

Director (Western Regions)

Having over 35 + years experience in Western Regions, Brendan is an expert in accurate rural valuations for a range of industrial and commercial properties. He has prepared valuations in the local market, including dry land and irrigated cropping and grazing properties.

His expertise is relied on to prepare valuations used to assess compensation for litigation, rental assessments, and family law. He supports the residential side of valuations and advises on the development of leasing and land management policy. As a Certified Practising Valuer, Brendan is respected for depth of local knowledge, recollection of material historical facts, and his friendly and prompt service.