WBP Group brings Women In Leadership Series to Melbourne

 Women in Leadership Series is brought to you by WBP Group in partnership with API to inspire women to flourish in their roles in the community, their businesses and the property industry. We are bringing you a national breakfast series from [...]

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WBP Group Honours Women with API’s Excellence in Property Awards 2018

2018 is a remarkable year for the property industry. This year, the property sector has become Australia's biggest employer. And in order to uphold excellence in this growing field of the economy, we believe it is vital to recognise [...]

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WBP lead the way with valuation technology

On-the-go electronic valuations from anywhere in the country Since WBP’s inception, the business has strived to be a leader in property valuations and provide customers with the best possible service. This mindset has kept WBP moving forward and allowed [...]

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Greville Pabst’s Black Rock home: ‘fishbowl’ worth the views

Black Rock’s beach strip may sport some of Melbourne’s most beautiful bayside mansions but none of them quite catch your eye like the glass frontage of Greville Pabst’s “fishbowl”. Pabst co-founded WBP Property with Patrick Brady in 1992, taking [...]

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