Residential Valuations

Our Residential Valuation Team can value all types of properties, from your vacant land, house, apartment, unit, villa, townhouse to luxury dwellings across Australia.


Commercial, retail and industrial valuations.

The valuation of commercial, retail and industrial property requires a particular expertise. WBP Group have a team of experienced commercial valuers across Australia to meet all of our customer needs and requirements for all instructions.

Rural and Agri Business

Rural and Agribusiness Valuations.

Australia’s rural and agribusiness industries are the backbone of our nation. WBP’s team of qualified rural and agribusiness valuers understand the uniqueness of these specialised properties and the myriad factors that influence value.

Specialised Property

WBP Group valuers have experience to undertake valuations for the following specialised categories:

  • Rental Valuations
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Residential Development
  • Childcare
  • Supermarkets
Family Law

Independent advice in difficult times.

Family Law matters can be complex, requiring a sensitive and conscientious approach from a specialised family law valuer. Whether you’re engaged in a matrimonial settlement or managing a deceased estate, protect your interests with an independent valuation and reduce the potential for prolonged dispute.

Accounting and Financial Services

Managing your taxation and financial reporting responsibilities is key to maximizing the benefits of owning and investing in property.

WBP Group can undertake valuations for:

Owners Corporation

A Market Leader in Insurance Valuations.

Building Insurance Valuations are required by law under each state’s Strata legislative requirements and should be carried out by suitably qualified individuals such as a Certified Practising Valuer accredited through the Australian Property Institute. WBP Group is a leading provider of Insurance Valuations for building Reinstatement and Replacement purposes. It is recommended that a valuation be undertaken every three years to ensure the replacement value is accurately calculated, which can change quickly due to rising construction costs, professional fees and cost escalations.


Buy with confidence with Greville Pabst Property Advisory.

Greville Pabst Property Advisory was established in 2009, commencing as the strategic property advice arm of WBP Group- one of Australia’s largest property valuation firms. Greville is a co-owner of WBP and Executive Chairman.

When buying a property, it’s important to have a strategy and conduct the appropriate due diligence to ensure the property that you buy is a wise investment. The fact is, not all properties perform the same. That’s because a property’s value is determined by a range of factors, which make each property unique. In fact, fewer than five per cent of properties on the market at any given time are specifically suited for long term investment.


Selling a property can be stressful and time consuming. There is lots to consider to achieve the maximum selling price.

An experienced transaction manager or vendors advocate can remove uncertainty and save you time, often at no extra cost.

Your transaction manager will:

  • Evaluate and recommend a suitable agent to market your property
  • Ensure you pay a rate of commission that reflects the commitment required by the selling agent
  • Advise on the marketing plan, including advertising methods schedule and budget
  • Advise on the methods of sale and timing and on reserve price and when to call on the market
  • Represent you during the negotiation process

Find out more about using a vendors advocate or transaction manager.