Stamp Duty and Taxation Services

Stamp Duty / Land Duty Valuations

At WBP Group we’ve helped investors and everyday property owners maximise their investments by planning effectively for their stamp duty tax, also known as transfer duty in some states.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is stamp duty?

Stamp duty is a state-imposed tax applicable to various transactions such as property purchases. Each state and territory in Australia has its own unique laws and charges related to stamp duty. Stamp duty is payable on the market value of the property. When an individual or entity acquires a property, the responsibility for paying stamp duty falls on the purchaser during the asset’s transfer.

What is a stamp duty valuation and why does it matter?

Stamp duty valuations are required to calculate the amount of stamp duty payable on a property transaction. This valuation is crucial as it directly influences the amount of stamp duty a buyer will have to pay to the government.

When does a stamp duty valuation occur?

A stamp duty valuation is required when there is a contract of sale, property transfer between related parties, property transfer into a superannuation fund and property transfer between trusts or legal entities.

Who requires stamp duty valuations?

We provide stamp duty valuations for private clients, accountants, financial planners, solicitors, conveyancers and corporate organisations.