Caring for communities

WBP’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is central to all facets of the business, guiding our approach to providing independent property services in line with the highest professional and ethical standards. This commitment is reflected in the relationships we build with team members, clients and the wider community, as well as our operational systems and technology.

Community Involvement

WBP actively supports a number of charities each year through company donations and matching the fundraising efforts of team members who are encouraged to get involved in various fundraising events and activities. These include The Good Friday Appeal, Run for the Kids, Beyond Blue, Movember, the Helping Hand Project and individual staff members’ charitable activities. In 2014, WBP supported WBP staff member Nick Brittain on his ‘voluntourism’ adventure in Tanzania. You can read about Nick’s experience here.

Workplace Culture

One of WBP’s priorities is cultivating a workplace environment and culture that encourages and supports WBP team members to reach their full potential. Continuous improvement of operational systems and technology ensures team members have the necessary tools to perform their role safely and to a high standard. Ongoing professional development and training requirements for team members are addressed regularly and attention is given to creating social events to acknowledge and thank the team for their hard work.


WBP’s commitment to creating and maintaining a sustainable environment means we place a high priority on continually developing measures to reduce waste and impact on the working environment.

WBP favours a paperless process that utilises technology to access, store and exchange information and data with our clients. Many of our major clients have committed to building or have built communication systems that facilitate the exchange of information and data via web services, which not only results in greater efficiencies, but also a significant reduction in environmental waste. Other measures include waste recycling policies and procedures; energy efficient lighting fixtures, fittings and appliances where possible; responsible use of natural resources in the day-to-day running of the office; and effective human resource management and logistical planning to minimise the carbon footprint from valuers’ vehicles.

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