WBP Group Acquires Sunshine Coast Leader Lever Valuers

WBP Group is delighted to announce the acquisition of Lever Valuers who operate in the Sunshine Coast and Northern Brisbane. Their well-established relationships in the area gives us more insight to making customer experiences better. This allows WBP Group [...]

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WBP Group at the API National Property Conference and the Future of Property Valuations

API's National Property Conference is one of the biggest gatherings of property professionals in Australia. Every year, the impact of this conference reverberates throughout Australia as delegates take home with them new ideas, business realignments and future initiatives. That is [...]

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WBP Group brings Women In Leadership Series to Darwin

Oaks Hotels & Resorts, Darwin The congregation of women is matched by Darwin's inviting tropical weather. Ready to be inspired, our delegates are in for a splash of passion from a select group of speakers. WBP Group CEO , [...]

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WBP Group brings Women In Leadership Series to Melbourne

Women in Leadership Series is brought to you by WBP Group in partnership with API to inspire women to flourish in their roles in the community, their businesses and the property industry. We are bringing you a national breakfast series [...]

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WBP Group Honours Women with API’s Excellence in Property Awards 2018

2018 is a remarkable year for the property industry. This year, the property sector has become Australia's biggest employer. And in order to uphold excellence in this growing field of the economy, we believe it is vital to recognise [...]

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