Upon receipt of instructions, we will promptly schedule a property inspection. Our aim is to facilitate the process for both parties involved. We can coordinate with the property occupants or liaise with the property manager if it’s tenanted as per your guidance.

While the presence of both parties at the inspection is not mandatory, you have the option to join. Should you choose to do so, include this preference in your instructions.

During the inspection, our valuer will require access to all areas of the property, including sheds, studios and detached rooms. Please ensure that any pets are secured. Photos of various aspects of the property will be taken, covering the front and back of the dwelling, bathrooms, kitchen, main living areas and any other improvement features. The photos captured will be integrated into the valuation report.

Please provide an electronic copy of the floor plans where possible. Where plans are available the valuer will complete their ‘check’ measurements. Otherwise the valuer will compete the required measurements on the dwelling and structures of the property.