WBP Group’s relationships with financial institutions, small banks, credit unions, brokers, investor groups and lending companies go beyond just property valuations and transactions. One of the initiatives that we actively participate in is increasing awareness and knowledge of how the property industry works particularly in the area of property valuations. We do this by engaging our partners and their clients through events and speaking opportunities. In fact, last year, WBP Group’s property valuers, team leaders and state directors spoke to various groups from different areas in the country at least twice a month about the importance of market value knowledge and why property valuation is essential before committing to any real estate transaction. We cover topics from Understanding the Local Housing Market to equip first home buyers before their first purchase, Insights to Increase Property Values to educate aspiring property investors and Property Market Risk & Opportunities for investors who are looking to grow their assets and invest in growth areas. Our message is always independent and bias-free which reflects our property valuation service – to look after the interests of our clients by providing independent reports and impartial analysis so they can make informed decisions.

As property valuers, it is our commitment to educate Australians about the fundamental knowledge around Australian property values and the factors that drive its ever-changing landscape. That’s why we are invested in improving our property valuation processes and systems so we can add more value to the property industry. We believe that customer experience is not limited to transactions only, but it starts with educating the consumer market. And cultivating our relationships with our industry partners through speaking to their staff and customers is key to our operations.

One good example is our constant engagement with Qudos Bank, formerly Qantas Credit Union.  We’ve been working with them for nearly 10 years now and this week we had the opportunity to partner with their team to present a Home Buyers Property Seminar not only for their Qantas clients but also their staff.

The event was held in the Qantas Head Office at Mascot. There were more than 100 people in the room. Our NSW State Director Peter Fallon provided an in depth look at the Sydney property market. This was followed by Sacha Millar, General Manager of WBP Group Queensland, providing some valuation industry tips on what a valuer considers when valuing a property, how to get the best outcome with a valuation and what improvements add the most value. The presentation was also recorded and made available for all Qantas staff online through their Qantas Wellbeing website.

Engaging with people by talking about property values is not only part of our profession but an important element of adding more value to our service. If you would like to invite our keynote speakers to present to your staff or customers, please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]. We cover almost all major cities in Australia with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.