All real estate agents will tell you the importance of setting the right selling price. Properties that are priced appropriately sell more quickly allowing you to maximise the value. It’s essential to price your property correctly. An independent valuer can help you find the balance between getting a fair figure for your property or having it go stale by sitting on the market too long.

Why does setting the right selling price for marketing get you the best price?

  1. Setting the right selling price will maximise interest in the property: Properties that are priced correctly attract more buyers and increase competition which maximises price.
  2. Setting the right selling price will minimise the time the property sits on the market. Properties that are priced correctly sell faster. The more time your property is on the market, the lower the results. Buyers will question why it hasn’t sold.
  3. Setting the right selling price will maximise your ‘marketing spend return’: Get the right buyers through your door to increase competition and reduce selling expenses by selling quickly.

How will an independent property valuation get you the best price for your property?

An independent property valuation sells your property at the right price, faster. When you get an independent valuation:

  1. You will know what your property is worth in today’s market
  2. You will be able to act decisively to take advantage of a good offer
  3. You have an independent expert on your side
  4. You will have a powerful negotiating tool

If you are looking to see and would like independent advice as to the value of your property, please call us on 1300 302 581 or email [email protected] and we’ll be guide you in the right direction.