Oaks Hotels & Resorts, Darwin

The congregation of women is matched by Darwin’s inviting tropical weather. Ready to be inspired, our delegates are in for a splash of passion from a select group of speakers. WBP Group CEO , Greville Pabst and API CEO Amelia Hodge welcomed everyone and from there on, insights and fresh perspective flowed freely from 3 amazing women:

Dr Christine Connors, General Manager, Darwin Region and Strategic Primary Health Care, Top End Health Services

Christine shared her experience working in Aboriginal Centres in Alice Springs and surrounding communities. She advised not to make assumptions with people and aim to be knowledgeable with your field of expertise. “But put people first, commit to caring for people”,  she emphasised, and continued to assert the value of resiliency specially during challenging times.

Raquel Nicholls-Skene, Executive Director of Australia Institute of Architects (NT Chapter)

It is all about the journey. Raquel, a native of NT has been on different journeys in different places but what she always carry with her is to focus on the journey at hand. “Don’t be too hard on yourself, celebrate the journey. Make failures part of your learning.” Her advise to the younger generation of women was to be kind to yourself first so you can extend kindness to others. This philosophy guides her to enjoy the present and maintain work-life balance.

Megan Lawton, Chief Executive Officer, Vivid Advice

“What are your priorities? What’s important for you?” These are questions that Megan raised to challenge everyone not to lose sight of what’s important. “No one goes through life without making mistakes, Reflect on your mistakes but don’t dwell in them, forgive yourself, move on and focus on what’s important.” She advised that this perspective helped her see opportunities rather than difficulties.

Our speakers were from different backgrounds but spoke the same voice to encourage not only young women but also those who have gone through different struggles to press on. In this leg of our national breakfast tour, resilience was the recurring topic. Diversity was also discussed as well as winning over biases – on different genders, background and cultures – which reflect current social issues not only in Darwin but in all of Australia.

We are so proud to partner with this series because empowering women is a value that we are continuing to uphold in our business. As Greville Pabst said, “We have more than 40% women within our staff at WBP Group, and we are striving to give more equal opportunities to everyone”.

Women in Leadership Series is brought to you by WBP Group in partnership with API to inspire women to flourish in their roles in the community, their businesses and the property industry. We are bringing you a national breakfast series from major cities in Australia featuring 15 high profile women who have made a difference in their chosen fields and in their communities.