2018 is a remarkable year for the property industry. This year, the property sector has become Australia’s biggest employer. And in order to uphold excellence in this growing field of the economy, we believe it is vital to recognise the industry’s shakers and movers.

That’s why this 2018, we have yet again partnered with the Australian Property Institute to honour those who have established excellence in what they do and in support and service of their respective communities. The 2018 API Excellence in Property Awards will be presented at the Gala Dinner at the API National Property Conference on Friday 2nd of November in Gold Coast.


Setting milestones leading to the awards night, we are bringing you a national breakfast series that features 15 high profile women in business and community leadership roles. We will tackle their challenges and journey through their inspiring stories. The women in our organisations are the heart and soul of our workforce and drawing from their experience brings a wider perspective on management and leadership insights while advocating equality in the workplace.

We are bringing this series to all key cities in Australia as below:


WBP Group brings an award after Australian Property Institute’s first female member and one of the earliest women valuers. Lesley Bennett graduated from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1961 and was admitted as the first female Associate of the Institute on 7 June 1962. She was employed in the Real Estate Office of the Victorian Railways and after graduation was made a staff valuer.

This award represents leadership, professionalism and outstanding community involvement through property industry driven initiatives.

We are proud supporters of API and we are even more proud to be part of the property industry. We are always keen to support programs for excellence and progress in our industry as we have been doing so from when WBP Group was established. If you have any initiatives within the property industry that you may need support with, contact us at [email protected] for a possible partnership.