Women in Leadership Series is brought to you by WBP Group in partnership with API to inspire women to flourish in their roles in the community, their businesses and the property industry. We are bringing you a national breakfast series from major cities in Australia featuring 15 high profile women who have made a difference in their chosen fields and in their communities.

Sofitel Melbourne on Collins, Melbourne

A week after we kicked off the series from Perth, another set of inspiring leaders take the Melbourne stage with resolve to bring passion to the younger generation.

Melbourne’s Lord Mayor Sally Capp heads the pack along with Joanna Brand, Chief Legal Counsel of Jestar Group, Jeanette Large, CEO of Women’s Property Initiative and WBP Group State Director for Residential Valuations in Victoria, Alexandra Churches.

The talks were witty and fun but most importantly, reflections from each of the speakers’ journeys resonated with the current challenges of women – to grow their business and career whilst taking care of their families and pursuing personal passions. This was evident during the Q & A portion where the main discussions were flexibility and opportunity for women in the workplace and the community.

We are so proud to bring this series as talks like these are essential to support women who aspire to excel in their chosen fields. Alexandra Churches added, “the discussion about women in leadership needs to move into an all inclusive space where men and women are supported to work more collaboratively and flexibly to allow women the opportunity to excel in their careers too”.

The feedback was amazing. Ursula Coetzee, a property advisor from WBP Group’s Property Duo said, “My biggest take away was when someone asked about work-life balance for women. The question should be, how can all parties in the family unit work together to make it work and not let that responsibility rest with the woman.”

Malishka Wick, one of our residential valuers from Victoria also said, “Backing of such an important topic within the property industry is very courageous and pro-active so we can see a change in the industry as a whole. Women who think of joining WBP Group will see that they are welcomed and supported as we stand behind these great initiatives.”

It is truly an honor to partner with API to inspire women in our businesses, industry and community.