On-the-go electronic valuations from anywhere in the country

Since WBP’s inception, the business has strived to be a leader in property valuations and provide customers with the best possible service. This mindset has kept WBP moving forward and allowed investment in technology to ensure the group are leaders in this space.

In 2003, WBP created and implemented XpressVal – an award-winning valuations IT platform that is the first of its kind in Australia and has become the benchmark for the valuations industry.

XpressVal technology gives WBP’s valuers the ability to electronically conduct and submit valuations in the field from anywhere in Australia. It is the key to scalability, efficiency and reliability for WBP’s busy national valuation team. Importantly, this technology improves the turnaround times on providing valuations to customers.

The technology incorporates a number of built-in checks to ensure reports are of the highest quality before being sent to the customer. Chief Valuations Officer Brendan Smith said: “WBP’s valuers have the ability to perform an on the spot validation of their derived valuation figure, as well as access the most up-to-date sales databases using XpressMobile on tablet PCs.”

“XpressVal allows our valuers to provide our customers with daily reports that detail the status of each valuation request. We can also provide customers with a monthly performance report that analyses median, average and unadjusted turnarounds times, the number of jobs completed and the fees of jobs completed.”
“Additional customised valuation and performance reporting can be provided to customers upon request as well. This includes a valuation report that encompasses mortgage, market rental and insurance sum components to provide added service and efficiency to our customers,” Brendan added.

WBP is proud to be leading the way with its valuation technology. The benefits are twofold; faster, more reliable valuation turnarounds and detailed, high-quality professional valuation reports for customers and intuitive, efficient and cutting edge technology for the valuers who use it on a daily basis.

The continual improvement in WBP’s valuation IT platform, XpressVal means our system is second to none for efficiencies for our valuers. The valuation industry is under pressure to provide valuations faster with the same impeccable level of quality. Our aim is to provide our valuers with the most efficient IT solutions and administration processes to allow more valuations to be completed in a shorter timeframe.

Our valuers can attest that WBP’s XpressVal is the leader in the industry. Our IT platform allows for:

  • Inspection reports to be completed on the tablet at the property
  • photos automatically register against the subject property and are entered into the report
  • sketch software for floor plans
  • the most relevant sales evidence from RP Data/Core Logic are automatically imported into the report for the valuer’s verification
  • automatic quality assurance checks when submitting a valuation.

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